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Hotel | General Provision

Rules for the provision of services in the  "Aximaris"

1. General Provisions
1.1 These rules set for a mini-hotel guests booking conditions, payment, internal rules of living in a mini-hotel "Aximaris" rules of use of the property at the volume of services provided, the responsibility of the parties.
1.2 Activities of the mini-hotel are carried out in accordance with the "Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation", approved by the RF Government Decree № 490 of 25.04.1997 (as amended. Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1104 of 02.10.1999, № 693 from 15.09. 2000, № 49 dated 01.02.2005).
2. Terms of use of property Hotels
2.1 The bed & breakfast offers guests accommodations furnished rooms equipped with appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.), plumbing fixtures and other equipment. Non-mini-hotel and common areas are insulated, with modern décor, equipment, equipment.
2.2 Guests should take good care of the property mini-hotel, use the equipment for its intended purpose, to comply with fire safety requirements. In case of damage to property, technical failures, accidents (bay, fire, broken glass, etc.) should be reported immediately to the administrator.
3. Daily living in a mini-hotel
3.1 Compliance with the internal regulations of the hotel ensures a hotel manager. It gives visitors a clarification of the rules of residence, receive complaints from them to the actions of staff and other visitors who violate the established order of the hotel.

3.2 Visitors after filling the contact sheet is prepared at the reception room key. If visitors leave the room and close it with the key, they must pass a key administrator. Should not disclose to others the room key.
3.3 The rooms and corridors of the hotel mini forbidden to smoke. Smoking in the wrong place shall be fined 5,000 rubles. If you re the case of smoking in the above places Administration mini-hotel has the right to evict a lodger.
3.4 Guests are required to strictly follow the rules of fire safety.
3.5 From 23 to 8:00 am inside the building and in the need to maintain silence. The rooms at this time should not include the large volume of the TV.
3.6 To the visitors of the hotel guests can come from 8 to 23 hours. On arrival the guest must agree to living in the room, and the manager keeps a record of all incoming mini-hotel lodger to visitors. Guest must present a document confirming the identity of the administrator. Is responsible for the guest staying in the room. The administrator has the right to ban a guest pass to the mini-hotel in the cases provided for in paragraph 9.3, 9.4
3.7 Determination of any animal is prohibited in the hotel!
4. Energy Saving
4.1 The rooms do not use sockets or extensions, powerful electrical appliances, including heaters, except when these appliances are standard in rooms or issued for use by the hotel staff.
4.2 It is unacceptable to leave without having to open the cold taps, and most importantly, hot water. Do not leave open these faucets (taps) after leaving the room.
4.3 When the air conditioner is running windows and exterior doors must be closed.
5. Services available
5.1 The hotel provides basic services, which are included in the price
5.2 The main services include the provision of rooms for accommodation, room service, call an ambulance, first aid
5.3 Mini-hotel welcomes guests to stay around the clock. And come with a room for a certain number of seats. Children under 14 years can be accommodated at the hotel only with a parent or accompanying person (document).
5.4 Current cleaning (dusting, taking out the trash, washing glasses and dishes, cleaning toilets, cleaning beds) daily.
5.5 Each time after the departure of the guest undergoing a complete cleaning (change of linen, disinfecting bathrooms, washing refrigerators).
5.6 Linen change 1 time in 3 days.
At the request of the guests can be accomplished extraordinary change of linen for an extra charge.
6. Booking and reservation numbers.
6.1 Rooms - reservation is made before the scheduled beginning of the day of arrival. The following order of reservation:
• the application, specification of the application;
• an invoice for payment (e-mail);
• After payment of hotel bills issue a written confirmation of booking
• If the account is not paid within 3 days from the date of invoice, booking is not confirmed, and a mini-hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the guest to stay in the mini-hotel.
In case the guest cancels the booking, but no later than 3 days before the scheduled date of arrival, payment refunded.
For late cancellations or non-arrival, the hotel will charge the mini-penalty of the room stay per night.
7. Early check-out
Check-out is further supported by the guest upon arrival. Refunds in the event of a force majeure situation is considered individually. Cash paid for the Guest Services, returned to the date of termination of the contract or in a different time, but no later than within 10 days from the date of request by the application.
8. Order of payment of hotel services
8.1 Payment for accommodation in the hotel mini-charged according to the price list. In case of delayed departure guests (available only upon availability) and charged in the following order:
- Not more than 6 hours - hourly pay;
- From 6 to 12 hours - a payment for half a day, from 12 to 24 hours - fee for a full day.
- For stays of no more than one day (24 hours) the fee charged for the day regardless of the checkout time.
The bed & breakfast only accept payment in Russian rubles in cash, or b \ a cash transfer.
8.2 When placing children up to 7 years on the main bed with their parents pay for a child's room will be charged. When placing children up to 7 years for the extra space is taken to a surcharge according to the price list.

9. Termination of the guests stay at the hotel. Denial of settlement
9.1 Guests stop living in a mini-hotel with the onset of the departure date specified in the address list.
9.2 If the guest repeatedly violates internal policies for mini-hotel, which results in material damage or creates a nuisance to other visitors to stay, a mini-hotel has the right to refuse a settlement or carrying out the evictions.
9.3 The administrator has the right to refuse the settlement in the following cases:
• There are no documents in coming, the documents are not valid or expired, it is suspected that the documents are fake;
• There is no fee for a room in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;
• the guest unkempt, dirty appearance, it is in a state of intoxication, inadequate behaving aggressively;
• Guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of accommodation (mode of smoking, etc.);
• Guest listed as unwanted guests (visa ban);
• in other cases stipulated by Russian law and common sense.
In case of dispute, the administration decides questions mini-hotel.
9.4 The mini-hotel is a register of unwanted guests (visa ban).
It includes:
• Guests who previously inhabited the hotel and forcibly evicted;
persons included in the list of director of the hotel.
10. Responsibility mini-hotel and consumers
10.1 Mini-hotel should take action to address deficiencies of the service provided during the day from the moment of the guest of the relevant requirements.
10.2 Inn is not responsible for the defects in the services provided, if it proves that they have the fault of the guest (guest) or as a result of force majeure.
10.3 Inn is not responsible for the safe-keeping in the space provided for the accommodation of the guest room of things.
10.4 In the event of lost things, a mini-hotel is obliged to immediately notify the owner of the items, if known. Forgotten items are stored in a mini-hotel for 1 month and then transferred to the appropriate public authorities or destroyed, what is drawn prescribed form.
10.5 When causing a mini-hotel on the damage caused by the guest, the guest is obliged to reimburse 100% of the inflicted damage. At the hotel mini-causing extensive material damage due to the fault or negligence of the guests, and (or) their guests must necessarily be an official act of the sample set. In this case, except for damages should the guest voluntarily or by court order to compensate a mini-hotel losses associated with downtime numbers during the repair, replacement of furniture, etc. cases (for example, Bay water).